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As spring approaches we start to bring spring flowers into our homes, including the British favourite, the daffodil. Despite its gorgeous looks and its symbolism of new life and fresh beginnings, it is a silent assassin in your vase!

On their own, a vase of daffodils is a beautiful thing. However, if you combine them with other flowers there’s something you should know! Daffodil sap is highly toxic – to everything, in fact, so don’t go nibbling on their stems and keep your pets and children away from them too. In a vase, their sap gets into the water and slows kills the other flowers. We’re always surprised to see big chain florists selling mixed spring bouquets including daffodils as we know they won’t last!

daffodils spring flowersThere are exceptions of course; Iris actually seem to flourish in the daffodil sap and it can even extend their life. We’ve been combining daffs and iris this week in our spring posy and also some hardy foliage.

If you receive a mixed bouquet with daffodils, don’t panic, you can minimise their effect. We always tell people to cut the stems on flowers regularly, but in this instance, don’t! Do not cut the daffodil stems – this allows the sap to dry and seal them, preventing too much sap from getting into the water. You can also seal them with hot wax, if you have time on your hands 🙂

So next time you’re putting together a spring bouquet, make sure they last as long as they should! Separate the daffodils from the other, for the best, long lasting effect.

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