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The Dahlia is a British summertime favourite and is the official birth flower for August! Our Dahlias this week and a deep red ans are a known symbol of both strength and power.

Because of that, you can give them to a poorly or recovering friend as a get well soon gift. Red dahlias are also ideal gifting flowers for someone who’s about to embark on a new professional career or a new milestone in life.

Each floret is in fact a flower in its own right, but they are not ‘petals’. The name for these is Asteraceae which refers to the appearance of a star with surrounding rays – I can see why they’d call them that!

The mountain regions of Mexico and Guatemala are the birthplace of today’s dahlias and they have continued to be grown there. The dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963. The tubers were grown as a food crop by the Aztecs who called them Acocotli or ‘water cane’ as their varieties were huge and their hollow stems were used to transport water.

As with all our weekly flowers, they won’t be here forever! We pick the flowers that are in season each week to ensure they last really well at home. Order this weeks posy full of beautiful Dahlias today!

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