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This week our studio is full of beautiful gladioli. A classic summer flower that towers up above the rest in stunning colours.

A bit about Gladioli

Gladioli were discovered in the seventeenth century in South Africa. The wild varieties are huge so they were crossed with similar flowers from the Netherlands to create the smaller variety we’re used to today. There is a mini type too called the Butterfly gladioli.

The name “gladiolus” derives from the Latin “gladius” which means sword, another reason they’re sometimes called ‘sword lilies’.

Did you know…

In Rome, gladioli were associated with gladiators. Some say that gladiators wore gladioli around their necks during battles to help them win and protect them from death. Because of their association with gladiators, the gladiolus flower meaning is strength and integrity.

What they mean

They also symbolize infatuation. By giving a gladiolus to someone, the giver sends the message “you pierce my heart” to the receiver, because of the flower’s pointed ‘sword’ shape. Another gladiolus meaning is remembrance.

Order your this week!

Gladioli season is quite short! Order them while they’re available, this week.

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