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…and why its best to use seasonal flowers

Although flowers are available all year round in our florists and supermarkets, it’s always best to try and use seasonal flowers as they’re probably more local (not been flown in which is better for the flower quality and also the environment) and they’re also more likely to last a bit longer. 

Summer offers us a huge range of flower options and some of my favourites are around right now so grab them while you can!

The Dahlia

A proper flower! Traditional English country garden flowers in a huge variety of colours. Their large blooms are fantastic statements in an arrangement or can be used in bulk closely packed together – beautiful! 

The Peony

We’re just passed Peony season now but we managed to get them into our posy of the week for week one! They are stunning flowers in a range of pinks and reds and also white. Their tissue-paper delicate petals gradually unfold to form a huge bloom that will really impress.


I love blue delphiniums – it’s such a gorgeous shade of blue and their towering structure can’t fail to make an impact. Another classic cottage garden flower that works so well with others or it’s kind or perhaps busy with foliage as no other flower can steal its spotlight. 


The Snapdragon is this week’s posy and it’s towering stems with large flower heads in pinks and a hint of yellow from the pollen are really eye-catching. One of my childhood favourites for squeezing the blooms until they open up to reveal their pollen inside.

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