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This week’s new posy is here and I think it’s my favourite yet! Summer is here (somebody tell the weather that please!) and so we’re featuring a classic British flower that reminds me of my childhood and being told to ‘stop playing with the flowers!’.

Snapdragons, or Antirrhinums to use their full Latin name, have large structured blooms up the entire stem, each with a large lower lip that is designed to open when a bee lands on it to take some pollen. I think that’s where the name comes from as it looks like a bit mouth opening up and snapping shut once the bee has had its fill.

We’ve paired this summer classic with wild carrot for a pop of yellow and it’s interesting foliage. The yellow really make the Snapdragon pink pop!

For contrast we’ve used Peulbelm, a wild grass with a deep purple tone. They have large flower heads to give a base to the anthuriums.

Finally, we’ve added some of our favourite Lisianthus in white – it’s such a great value flower and lasts so well in all conditions.

We’ve been delivering a few already this week and we’ve had some wonderful reactions – this combo is guaranteed to get a smile!

Order now for same-day delivery or to arrange a delivery for your preferred day. These summery posies are perfect for birthdays, anniversary’s or just to show someone that you’re thinking of them.

Call to order on 0124 327 8218 or order online here.

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